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Do you want to become a better motorist?

Advanced Driving is all About

Being in total control all the time.

Brilliant observation and timing at junctions and roundabouts, so that you can negotiate the traffic with minimal disruption.

Progressive driving where conditions allow.

Effective overtaking.

Awareness of other road users’ behavior.

Understanding how your car works, and getting the most out of it.

Advance Drivers do drive with excellent precision and awareness. They anticipate the danger created by other drivers’ mistakes, and they allow a big enough safety margin to avoid getting into trouble themselves. That makes them confident, decisive drivers and always keen to make good progress.

Advance Drivers don’t drive too slowly worrying what danger might be around the next bend. They never ‘lose their cool’ behind the wheel, and always try to accommodate other drivers’ mistakes.

How You’ll Benefit From Taking The Advanced Driving Challenge

You get the satisfaction and confidence of knowing you’re a safe, competent and courteous driver.

You’re part of an ever-growing number of Advanced Drivers.

You’re 70% less likely to crash your car than an ordinary driver.

Many insurance companies give you substantial discounts to Advanced Drivers, so your fees of sitting a test could be easily repaid in the first year after you pass your test.

So, let Clontarf Driving Academy help improve your technique, increase your ability and confidence, and ultimately get the most out of your driving experience. It will also help improve your safety on the road.

Why not take an advanced driving test with ROSPA, I.A.M. or DIAmond?