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There are many myths about driving tests that usually originate with people who have failed their driving test. Some of these have become part of urban legend even among some driving instructors!

It is important to understand that the tester does not set out to fail you! The vast majority of testers are pleasant and likeable and not sadistic monsters. If truth be known, testers prefer to pass candidates, not fail them. They will try to put the candidate at ease because they know he or she is nervous. They will make allowances for this especially in the first few minutes of the test.

Let’s take a look at some of the myths about the driving test

A young male driver aged 17-20 years is likely to fail a driving test even if he drives at test standard. FALSE

All driving testers have to fail a certain quota of tests per day or week. FALSE

You're more likely to fail if you use a sporty or more luxury car for your test. FALSE

You're more likely to pass a driving test if you use a Driving School Car. FALSE

You will pick up faults for repeatedly block changing gears i.e. changing from 5th or 4th gear straight to 2nd gear even if it is the appropriate thing to do. FALSE

The last test on a Friday is the best time to pass because the tester will be in a good mood for the weekend. FALSE

Any ladies should wear dangly earrings to let the tester see you're looking in your mirrors effectively. FALSE

You will lose marks if you cross your hands to complete the turnabout manoeuvre. FALSE

You will fail your driving test if you do your turnabout in more than three movements. FALSE

You will fail if you hit the path on the reverse around the corner. FALSE

You must over use the mirrors. FALSE

If you drive slow and safe you will pass your test. FALSE