Clontarf Driving Academy

Why choose us?Home

Why choose us?

Put simply… professionalism, proven track record for success, first class instruction complete dedication to our job.

Proven Experience

With 5 years experience 100’s of students passed we pride ourselves on being the best and unlocking your potential as a driver. We are open, encouraging, patient and guarantee you get the best possible results from each lesson.

Unique Solutions

As every person is unique and learns at a different pace we will deliver each lesson so that it suits the individual.

Positive word of mouth

80% of our clients are derived from word of mouth referrals. Our quality of each lesson and customer service is second to none and is proven by the fact that our customers have the belief and confidence to refer us to others. This statistic alone sets us apart from our competitors.c

No Hidden Fee’s

One price, no surprises, no forced lessons and no delay tactics


By choosing Clontarf Driving Academy it opens you up to a world of networks within the driving industry. We can provide guidance and contact details for any queries you may have.